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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime Art

Summertime in Florida this year has been filled with some smokey days.  There have been wildfires burning throughout the state and the smoke became so bad that we had to remain indoors.  To bust the boredom and keep the kids from spending all their time in front of a screen, we worked on some drawing skills using a few great books.  Ed Emberley has a wonderful selection of simple drawing books that even the reluctant child will want to try.  His website is a treat too. Check it out here.

   Our neighbor, Luka, and Sophie hard at work honing their skills.

Sophie is using another series of books called Draw, Write, Now.  This series is slightly more difficult than the Emberley books since it uses more complicated shapes and lines but it is done in a very non-intimidating format.  The author, who states that handwriting is an art form, pairs a brief sentence or two about the subject being drawn that can be used as copy work for your student. The Draw, Write, Now series includes many subjects from animals to history making a great addition to your child's studies or just for fun on a smokey summer day in Florida.

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