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Friday, March 27, 2009

Dedicated to Michael, my radioactive friend.

I have a good friend who recently underwent surgery for thyroid cancer. Following the surgery he needed to take a dose of radioactive iodine to complete his treatment. For three days or more he will need to be in complete isolation from his family so that they are not exposed to any "radiation". To lift his spirits I wrote him a little poem. Here it is.

He’s Hot!

Some people say,
“When you’re hot, you’re hot”.
But on this weekend,
You may wish you were NOT!

Pulsing through your vein.
Causing your throat
To be in much pain.

We are praying for you
That you will, “pass the test”.
Closer to Christ
And full of rest.

Don’t dwell on things you’ll miss
A cause of strife
Keep your eye on the goal
And that pill’s half-life

Magazines, books, TV
Movies galore
A HAZ-MAT sign
On your bedroom door.

We aren’t making fun
We just want you to know
You’ll still be our friend
Even if you glow.

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