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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

I always try to do something to "fool" with the kids but this year time got away from me and I found myself at bedtime last night without any plans for today. It was too late to go to the store so Tim and I hatched a plan to dress funny in the morning. I wore all my clothes mismatched, inside out or backwards. I put about 5 pony tails in my hair in various positions, wore mismatched earrings and a string of pearls. Tim had to go to work so he just put a second pair of undergarments (underwear and undershirt) on top of his work clothes and then put on a funny hat. He also wore my pink crocs. We walked out of the room like everything was normal and pretended Tim was leaving for work. Sophie was laughing uncontrollably ( hilarious to hear ), Reese was just grinning and Drew didn't even notice because he was so focused on his Honeycomb cereal box. Finally, he realized something was up but he only noticed the hat on Tim's head! When he finally saw that Tim had underpants on top of his regular pants, he said, "Daddy, are you really going to wear that to work?"

Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of us but Sophie decided to play along and here is a shot of her after she got dressed crazy.
Later today I will offer them some "M&M's" in a container but when they open it they will actually find dried split green peas. I'll probably just eat the real "M&M's" myself. :-)


  1. You are such a fun mom! We've done April Fool's Day stuff in the past, but didn't manage to come up with anything this year. Alexi loves it, Truman (and me), not so much. I admire your ability to make fun for your kids!


  2. I second what Barbie said! You ARE a fun mom!